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08 Hotel; 11th Military Circle Headquarters; 13 Coins; 17 Hotel; 19 Hotel; 1st Artillery Battalion The King's Guards; 1st Artillery Department King's Guards; 1st Division The King's Guards; 1st Infantry Division The King's Guards; 20 Mituna Town House; 20 Years Bangkok Hospital Building; 27 Hotel; 28 Hotel; 28 Pier; 29 Plaza; 33 Apartment; 37 Hotel; 39 Hotel; 3th The Mounted Infantry Battalion The King's Guards; 4th The Mounted Infantry Battalion The King's Guards; 55 Hotel; 69 Hotel; 7-11 Store; 7-11 Store; 7-11 Store; 7-11 Store; 7-11 Store; 7-11 Store; 7-11 Store; 88 Hotel; 89 Hotel; 9 Building Nawin Village; 9 Singha Village; 90 Hotel; 99 Hotel; A Military Zone; A Nothai Community; A Sok Market; A Thon School; A&d Building; A&v Tower; A-1 Hotel; A.E. House; A.F. Mansion; A.I.C.E. Building; A.i.g Tower; A.m. Apartment; A.M. Mansion; A.m.f. Condo; A.p.g. Apartment; A.R. Mansion; A.T. Apartment; A.T. Mansion; A.V. Apartment; Aatsanawiya School; Aatsawin Garden Village; Aattakrit Village; Abac Condo; Abdul Rahim Building; Abhisek Dusit Royal Palace; Acadamia Grand Tower; Acadia Mansion; Ace Court; Adamas Ramcomhang Condo; Adison Department Store; Administer Library Building; Adulphong House; Aec Apartment; Aec Apartment 2; Aeronautical Radio; Aeronautical Radio of Thailand; Agricultural Land Reform Office; Agriculture Talingchan District Office; Ai Lada Apartment; Aig; Aim Umphon Village; Airforce Cadet School; Airforce Village; Airport Carpark; Airport Hotel; Aiyara Apartment; Ak-Kamai Apartment; Ak-Kamai Condo Town; Ak-Kamai Court; Ak-Kamai Village; Akachai Village; Akhansongkhro Khlongchan Village; Akkaroek Apartment; Aknarin Building; Akromsafa Lady Dormitory; Aksonjaroen School; Aksonnukit Kindergarten; Aksorncharoenthat By Ministry Of Interior; Al-Atik Cemetery; Alexander; Alice Mansion; Alisabets Hotel; All Seasons Complex; Alliance Francaise; Alma Link Building; Almonery; Almonery; Almonry Community; Almshouse; Alphatio Building; Alphine Hotel; Alphone Inn; Amannarumit School; Amar Mansion; Amari Airport; Amari Atrium; Amari Boulevard Hotel; Amari Watergate; Amarin Kindergarten; Amarin Niwet Village; Amarin Plaza; Ambassador; Ambassadors Court; Amena Apartment; American News Agency; American School Of Bangkok; Ammarin Niwet 1 Village; Ammarin Niwet 2 Village; Amnuai Phitthaya School; Amnuai Sin School; Amnuaichai Building; Amnuaikanoksiri Anuson School; Amnuailuk Condo Project; Amnuaiwong Witthaya School; Amnuarak Building; Amnuay Sit Suksa School; Amon Pan 4 Village; Amon Pan 9 Village; Amon Pan Niwet Village; Amonphan 205 Tower 2 Building; Amonphan Building; Amonphan Village; Amonrat Mantion; Amonthani Building; Amornpan Kindergarten; Ampawa School; Ampawan Niwet 5 Village; Amphainopsi Apartment; Amphawan Suksa School; Amphon Phaisan School; Amphonsinwan Building; Ampire House; Amporn Garden Palace; Amrungchai Flat; An A Lawi Mosque; An Ia Ti Som Mosque Community; An Kup Ro Community; An U Man Islam School; An Yu Si Ro Mosque; An-Atik Mosque; Anaiatisom (Nanaauthit) School; Analyse Research Division Of Public Works De; Anan Wittaya School; Ananchai Building; Anansuksan Village; Anantapattana Polyclinic; Anantu Santi Suksa School; Anarak Building; Anekwanit Building; Anfa Building; Ang Kharthara Wanit Hospital; Angel; Angtextung Almonery; Animal Hospital; Animal Hospital; Animal Medical School; Animal Quarantine Center; Ankoyriya Nuannoi Mosque; Ankrupro School; Anna Villa; Anti-Aircraft Artillery Division; Anu Saowarichai Condo; Anucha Bangkoknoi School; Anuchon Witthaya School; Anukun School; Anun Apartment; Anut Mantion; Anyamanee Kindergarten; Aonphon Lady Dormitory; AP Condo; Apaitayaram Temple (Makok); Apartment; Apartment; Apichat Dormitory; Apiwa Apartment; Aquatic Animals Museum; Aram 53 Place Building; Arawan Hotel; Arawi Lady Dormitory; Arb-Boon Court; Archaeology Division; Archaeology Division; Aree Apartment; Aree Condo; Aree Golf;

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